Visible near-infrared hyperspectral camera
  • World leading
  • Fast speed
  • Large visible area
Short wave infrared hyperspectral camera
  • world leading
  • Accurate detection
  • Large visible area
Hyperspectral camera Module
  • Miniaturization
  • Simple structure
  • Band programmable
Ultra thin hyperspectral camera module
  • Miniaturization
  • Simple structure
  • Band programmable
Core Technology
Hyperspectral MEMS sensors:
Reduced size by over 1000 times, low power consumption, and can be standardized for mass production
Flexible and adjustable
Wide spectrum continuously adjustable, imaging sensors freely selectable
Full spectral coverage
From ultraviolet to thermal infrared, achieving measurability of everything and leading the world
Real-time online
High spatial resolution, high luminous flux, and fast speed (millisecond level)
Low computing power demand
Emphasis on algorithm AI optimization and lightweight, reducing computational power requirements, and covering a wider range of deployment platforms
Scenario adaptability
By using diverse preprocessing algorithms to remove various environmental interference factors and adapt to complex practical application scenarios
High analytical accuracy
Combining hyperspectral spectral and image information to accurately predict the composition of the tested substance
Small sample learning
Relying on the characteristics of hyperspectral data, reducing dependence on the number of training samples, reducing deployment cycles and costs
Industrial hyperspectral camera
Global Leadership
It can both image and obtain spectral information in two-dimensional space, and perform spectral measurements on each point in the region to output hyperspectral images
Accurate measurement
Many scenes have heterogeneous materials, and material composition analysis can be performed on each spatial point to output a spatial distribution map
Fast speed
Stepless adjustment, any number of bands, band selection based on different scenarios
Hyperspectral camera module
Solid and reliable
Structural sealing, guaranteed stability, and industrial grade harsh conditions application
High integration
Simple and compact structure, highly integrated, and consumer grade miniaturization requirements
High compatibility, plug-in system construction, convenient, and fast promotion of terminal product development
Support one-on-one development of products with different specifications, such as size, wavelength range, and accuracy, based on customer needs
Plan development
Provide lens design, overall structure, and other related unit adaptations according to customer needs
Industrial inspection
Real time online, non-destructive testing
Smart appliance
Quality analysis of fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, grains and oils, and identification of ingredients in daily necessities
Skin detection
Skin color, hemoglobin, melanin, pigmentation, and other skin texture tests
Color perception
Color digitization, full gamut expression, color temperature correction
Security and environmental protection
Water quality, environmental, hazardous gas and other detection, high-precision and real-time monitoring of multiple types
Increase spectral dimension information, intelligent interaction, real-time environmental analysis, and expand application scenarios